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Motivate, Develop, Inspire
Motivate, Develop, Inspire

Learner Voice

The college has a well-established Learner’s Voices group that gives its members an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The group of 6 students are supported by three staff, together they are involved in making changes that affect many aspects of college life. For example, members are involved in devising questions and interviewing potential staff, communicating with external organisations about their future beyond college. In addition, they arrange votes for different topics within college such as making changes to lunch time menus, learning walks (evaluating the displays and environment for the students in college). At the end of the year they plan and present an Awards morning for all students, that contributes to college spirit.


Collaboration of Victoria School’s Student Council and Victoria College’s Learner Voice has taken place this year, with a focus on school meals, mental health and well being and health and safety.

“Your students and staff are such a great credit to your organisation, they provided some excellent insights and it’s been really nice to have some co-operation, we’re definitely looking at ways we can work more closely together.”

Simon Wilding

Class Teacher 14-19 Provision Victoria School

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