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Motivate, Develop, Inspire

Catering and menus


Our catering is provided by CityServe and brought in through a contract with Birmingham City Council shared with Victoria School. You can find out more about CityServe by visiting their website:

The food is prepared and cooked by the catering staff in the school and transported to the college. The menu is rotated every three weeks and has vegetarian options daily.

Many of our students require food that is prepared using the IDDSI Framework. These foods and standards are met by the catering team.

Allergen Information

Allergen sheets for the day’s menu are provided to the college daily and are checked for each student.

Please ensure that the college is notified of any changes in food allergies for each young person.

Natasha’s Law came into effect on 1st October 2021 and applies to primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and nurseries that provide food. Under new legislation, any pre-packaged food must be labelled with the food name and an ingredients list that emphasises the 14 allergens. Find out more about Natasha’s Law:

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