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Motivate, Develop, Inspire
Motivate, Develop, Inspire

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health and Well-being of student, staff and visitors is of importance within the college and Federation. There are a number of qualified Mental Health First Aiders across the Federation including within the college.

Staff work with students to support there well-being through many activites across the curriculum, the two key areas being meet and greet in the morning where students can share how they are feeling and through the RPSHE curriculum that supports students with a number of topics including relationships, health and well being. Special events also give opportunities for students to have support, such as guest speakers, musical perfomances and community inclusion. These all have their place in promoting the well-being of students.

In addition, the college works with specialists that may work 1:1 with a student for specific reasons. We have recently worked with a touch therapist and Learning disability behaviour specialist.

Mental health and well being for staff is supported by the Federated team who are available for staff across each setting to meet with. As part of the staff training and development days, one of the days is focused on mental health and well being. All staff have access to an online training provider, employee assist and other support services for well-being.

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