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Health and Well Being

Our programme includes integrated therapies, physio, speech and language, hydro, rebound, music and massage therapy. We have a multi-sensory room which has a dual purpose for learning cause and effect through switch work and as a space to relax.

Staff are trained in body massage techniques through the 'Stroke of Trust' Foundation.

We have a Physiotherapist who works with us in college. She works with all the students to assess and devise individual postural management programmes. These are shared with staff and families as appropriate.

We have a full time nurse on site at all times to support our students medical requirements.


Communication during physiotherapy.
Standing tall.

Enjoying my physio session.
Giving my leg a good stretch.

Time with the physiotherapist.
A sensory experience in the hydrotherapy pool.


A relaxing hand massage.
A sensory foot massage.

Enjoying a head massage.
What a wonderful feeling.

Who is massaging who?